E-Commerce Website Development

E-commerce site development is based on the scope of work required and time involved. A basic e-commerce site to begin with, could be made as low as INR 30K or USD 350 onward, a one-time cost to set up an online store. A detailed estimate could be shared post discussion on the project and business requirements.

Subscription Plan to Manage your E-Commerce Business.

Monthly Subscription Plan

Services Offered Per Month


INR: 6,999.00

USD: $99.00


INR: 12,999.00

USD: $199.00


INR: 19,999.00

USD: $299.00

Amazon/Shopify/Custom PortalYesYes Yes
Number of Products5710
Marketing AnalysisYesYesYes
Seller Account ManagementGeneral managementObjective SpecificExhaustive Involvement
Campaign ManagementLimitedAd SpecificEnd -to- End
FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) ManagementNoNoYes
Customer ManagementYesYesYes
Review ManagementNoNoYes
Brand BuildingNoYesYes
Expert SupportNoNoYes
Special DealsNoYesYes
Business -to-BusinessNoNoYes




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We would love to discuss the possible areas of your business transaction that we can make even better with automation, digital uplift to your content, and a road map to your digital walk leaving the digital foot prints of your online steps.