We understand your apprehension, questions, hesitations, and curiosity to understand business related issues that might come up on our way to serve you as one of our prospective client. You must be thinking to know about our knowledge base, policies, and abilities to handle such business situations and our confidence to support you covering your back from technology, and strategic business perspective. We believe, some of your questions has been well thought to help you take an informed business decision.

Q. What is an e-commerce site? When do I need in my business?

A. Our eCommerce software engine can be integrated into your website the functionality to take orders and accept payment online using multiple modes.  It automates what you may have been using verbally, hand written, fax or perhaps manual email orders.

Q. Do you offer e-commerce packages?

A. Yes we offer full e commerce packages allowing you to sell goods online and take payments. We work with payments systems such as Paypal or integrate the banking payment gateway to your website.

Q. Why do I need a database? What does that mean to my business?

A. Our system has behind it a very powerful database.  What this means for you is a dynamic system for dealing with a large number of products or services you may like to offer to your customer base exploring various items online.

Q. What is the cart? Is it a complex online process?

A. Online cart is very similar to the shopping cart you might have used in a brick and mortar store. In an online version of similar cart provides the opportunity to instantly replace, add, or remove items from the cart. The process of setting up the cart and entering the products and services is very simple. It is just like following the predefined intuitive steps in completing an online order.

Q.What happens to an online abandoned cart with items in it?

A. An abandoned cart in an online shopping experience can be retrieved anytime or when you return to the online store or a reminder message is automated with our systems to remind the customers, if they wish to start the shopping from the point they left on their last visit to the online e-commerce store. Unlike, physical store it can be kept as it is until customer decides, what they intend to do with that abandoned cart.

Q. What is the price logic for the website?

A. There are simple websites and complex websites, feature heavy and static assignments, therefore, based on requirements we estimate time to be spent by our resources for each aspect and arrive at a budget.

Q. How much is the budget required to make an e-commerce site?

A. Yes, budget is an important consideration to find out the spent you might be thinking to arrange funds for setting up the e-commerce site you intend to build for your business. There is not fixed number that can help any customer to spend X amount money. We can help you to arrive at a budget that can be scientifically or logically figured out based on expectations and certain business parameters determined from your business growth plans.

Q. What are the resources you plan to build an e-commerce website?

A. We have in-house team, technology partners, and external allied agencies to bring high qualitative work in our delivery from core competency in the digital industry under a single umbrella. Our core team is as follows:

Web Designer

Graphic Artist

Flash/Motion Graphics Designer

HTML /PHP/Python/.Net/Java Coder

Web Developer

Copy Writer

The team works under the supervision of leadership team

We can employ Digital photographers, highly skilled animation experts, artists, and specialist programmers for special assignments and project requirements.

Q. How long does it take to complete an assignment?

Illustration: Timelines for a 5 page static website goes like this:

2 days home page concept presentation

2 days for design of all pages from the date of concept and content (Text, images, video etc.) approval

4 days for Inner pages layout, CSS, DIV based coding, Programming & Integration, Design Review. Testing, Debugging and Deployment.

1 Day final flow, UI/UX and content optimization

1 Day UAT (User Acceptance Test)

Imp note: An urgent assignment with an aggressive budget can get things faster.

Q. Will there be hidden costs associated with web design services?

A. No. The scope of work is planned based on the initial brief, requirements and discussions and priced accordingly.

Frequently, additional information pages, features, etc. may be requested in the course of development. To avoid complications we normally plan the additional work for the second stage of development. Rates will be worked out for additions in scope as and when it arises and always with your approval prior to commencement.